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Fuel Purifications System

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Fuel Purifications System


The FPS can purify bunker oil, which has lower price level compared to other oil types, into the viscosity level of the diesel oil. As a result, it prevents environmental pollution and saves the cost remarkably.
Also this is the world’s first technology which is able to combine generator and FPS to produce unit electricity.



  • Fuel Purification System
    FPS is a system to remove impurities such as moisture, sludge etc from HFO effectively and to make more useful and also to maximize efficiency.

  • FPS's differentiation
    Engineers do not have to use the hydrogen replacement technology but to use ultrasonic waves technology in order to control the viscosity, break particles, and remove the moisture and pollutant particle simultaneously.
    This is the best equipment system to maximize efficiency through lon Chamber technology.


Model: FPS-1500

Section Specification
Discharge 1420 liter / hour
Power 220V 3Phaser or 380V 3P, 50Hz
Pressure 1 ~ 5kg/cm2
Oil type Bunker fuel
Operation Temperature 10 ~ 200
Filter 250mesh, 350mesh
Filter number 4 EA (Left 2EA, Right 2EA)
In, Out Port 25A (IN), 32A (OUT)
Weight 3.5 ton
Size 1400(W) * 2000(D) * 2146(H)-1
1600(W) * 2000(D) * 2146(H)-2
Ability to filter Over NAS 12 class
Filter particle Size 10micron higher/1micron
Oil Stream (Gas) Vacuum Suction
Function Automatics Sludge discharge
Auto filter cleaning
Filter change period (Long time)